by Christian T. Drieling – 8. January 2019

At the moment IGEL has officially no support for deploying Wallpapers to an ICG managed IGEL OS, but there is a way to solve this (and with this workaround it is officially supported again):

(This helps especially if you want to change the ports of your ICG and the Customization Profile stops working)

a) Upload Wallpaper to UMS -> Files

  • 1. Path: /wfs/igel.png
  • 2. Attach Wallpaper to Clients

b) Create Profile like in Screenshot 2

  • 1. User Interface > Desktop > Background (1st Monitor) 2. Custom wallpaper Download (1st monitor)
  • 3. Path: “../../../../../../../../../wfs/igel.png”
  • 4. Attach Profile to Clients


The Filetransfer mechanism is working on ICG managed devices, so we can use this to send the wallpaper to the clients (will be located in /wfs/) Then we have to “trick” our Custom Wallpaper mechanism, to jump to /wfs/ to find the wallpaper we want to use (that’s what all the ../ are doing). Now we are using officially supported features from IGEL to deploy the Wallpaper to the client.

By Udo