by Christian T. Drieling – 14. June 2017

If you need the driver as PPD File for CUPS, see how it is working:

  • Add your printer in IGEL Setup -> Devices -> Printers -> CUPS -> Printers, fill in a name e.g. “mydymo”, select the right printer port and chose a random driver. It doesn’t matter which one you chose, because it will be overwritten by the .ppd file.
  • Name the .ppd file exactly like the printer name (e.g. mydymo.ppd) Copy the .ppd file in the /wfs directory of the Client e.g. over the UMS file transfer:
    • in the UMS right click on “Files” –> new file
    • choose as local file your mydymo.ppd file
    • classification = Undefined
    • Thin client file location = /wfs and click on “Ok”
    • right click on you client –> commands –> Files –> File UMS -> TC – select your xss_logo.png and click on File UMS-> TC

(if you do that for more than one client, assign the file to the client directory’s (directly or indirectly, like a profile))

  • Put into your client or your ums profile in System –> firmware customizations –> Custom Commands –> Desktop Commands –> Custom Command Desktop end: cp /wfs/mydymo.ppd /etc/cups/ppd/mydymo.ppd
  • Restart the Client and try your printer.

Where to get a PPD – File?

By Udo