Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

About me

My name is Udo Jetschmanegg. I’m working for the EUC-leading company IGEL Technology as a PreSales Engineer in Switzerland.

It’s about passion and sharing the knowledge!

My slogan being a member in this great world of services.

It’s about feeling good, being satisfied and able to do your work in a timely manner.

Therefore my aspirations and efforts are directed towards listening, and listening, and listening.
Subsequently solving your issues, covering your topics and guide your focus on side-aspects which could affect you.

Being a Trusted Advisor at different companies (Corporate to Enterprise, Consumer to Vendor) I know what matters & I have the peace of mind to convince, not to persuade.

Subject Matter Expert • EUC Evangelist • Speaker • Trainer • Connecting the dots • Empathic • Overseas Experiences

This is not an official website of IGEL Technology and all information is reproduced by me personally and does not represent an official statement of IGEL Technology.

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