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by Christian T. Drieling – 10. May 2017

Here is an short wrap up how to get debugging logs from PC/SC daemon. Even if you are not able to read anything useful out of it, it could speed up troubleshooting at IGEL Support.

a) Start a local terminal and log in as root

b) Use ‘ps waux | grep pcscd’ to find out the process id of the PS/SC daemon

c) Type in kill PROCESSID to stop the process

d) Restart the process with ‘/usr/sbin/pcscd –foreground –debug > /tmp/pcscd-debug.log &’

e) Reproduce the issue

f) Grab the log file from /tmp/pcscd-debug.log

g) Reboot the TC to start PS/SC normally


By Udo Jetschmanegg

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