IGEL OS and SCEP – Commands and Information for Troubleshooting

by Christian T. Drieling – 5. July 2017

This guide is for debugging!

If you are looking for a Step by Step guide, follow these two links:


The certificate request and the certs will be found here on a IGEL OS:


For debugging the SCEP process you can do it manually:

Go to the Terminal or Console as root

1. Delete generated request

rm –rf /wfs/scep-certificates/cert0/

2. Check CA

scep_getca 0

3. Generate SCEP Request

scep_mkrequest 0

4. Enroll Certificate

scep_enroll 0

5. Test renewal

scep_mkrequest 0 “new”

scep_renew 0 -R

mv /wfs/scep-certificates/cert0/clientnew.cert /wfs/scep-certificates/cert0/client.cert

mv /wfs/scep-certificates/cert0/clientnew.key /wfs/scep-certificates/cert0/client.key

Watch logfiles on v5 (best with second terminal): tail -f /var/log/messages